We Can ALL Use Filters In Life!!

Filters can be HANDY little devices!

(Takes a breath of relief as the 'Holidays', as they're called in our 'Politically-Correct' world have finally faded from his mind!) Thoughts of dealing with Aunt Martha and her herd of miniature Chihuahuas aside from dealing with Granpa Ed's table-side digestive issues have passed (pardon the pun!) and after much conversational painful politeness (a term that to ME sounds almost portmanteau for 'political correctness'), life once again allows me to say whatever I feel! Still, we ALL must apply filters to how we act and speak in society if we expect to succeed!

Most of us have to make the best of bad social situations by 'filtering' what we say and the same concept applies to photos. I've been a photographer for nearly 35 years and like having fun with digital software filters for just the past few years. I started out with a Minolta 35mm SLR that didn't ALWAYS capture sharp images compared to today's digital wonders of technology and consequently some of my photos turned out fuzzy. However, there was still some creative hope for them! One example is an image I captured in Big Bend right after sundown. While the lavender colors blend well, the photo has some problematic issues such as lack of focus and small scratches. Instead of scrapping the image, I applied a few filters and some excessive graininess to give the photo an 'artistic' appearance. Without rendering the image unrecognizable, I gave it a flamboyant eye-catchy appearance and new life!

Just something to keep in mind the next time Aunt Agnes insists on boring you with pictures of her latest grandson. Smile and think of how he would look with a psychedelic purple glow!