We ALL See the World In Different Ways!

What one person sees is often construed quite differently from others' perspectives...

You'll hear most guys swear that there are only 16 colors when their spouses insist on paint-shopping for that big weekend living room makeover. Having gone through the same torture of simply matching some touch-up paint for our house, I can certainly sympathize - especially since we incorporate four different colors throughout our house! Matching a color to a project needs to be done with precision and forethought as it involves not only the hue, chroma and value of a color but the gloss of the result when dealing with physical paint. Graphical colors can be just as challenging! Monitors, graphics cards, imaging software and our individual eyes among other variables can pose disparity that we originally don't perceive.

As humans we all see life from different perspectives. As it was said in the TV series 'Different Strokes', " What might be right for you, may not be right for some". This is where we need to come as close to 'perfect' as we can get - whatever that definition may be. Our first-amendment right to free speech gives our opinions a voice whether or not others around us agree with our thoughts. Whatever disparities exist in today's issues may never be fully resolved for while you can make SOME people happy some of the time, one cannot make EVERYONE as such ALL of the time. If an issue is depressing then 'remove some blue' from it. When something makes us angry then let's take some red from the overall picture. Whether it be working with software or society we can find the perfect blend of colors to make our 'picture' of the world a pleasure for everyone's eyes!