Life from An Older Perspective...

We all take modern technology for granted - and SOME even become obsessed with it! Smartphones are a prime example though they HAVE turned many fearful of conducting a simple conversation with anyone in public as their eyes and minute mental focus remains on a small screen no matter where they go. I heard a classic country song the other day containing the line "Here's a quarter. Call someone who cares!" Hmmm... It's rare to see a payphone anywhere these days! Many of these transitions are beneficial to our lives while others - not so much. I'm a member of the 'X' generation and have seen a plethora of changes in technology in my lifetime - including photography. When I first got started in photography, it was a rather expensive venture - $4.00 for a 36-exposure roll of film, then another $10.00 to develop it! Now I can take hundreds or thousands of photos and do with them as I please!

Older members of our society have done quite well in catching on to how new technology works, though many still have difficulty comprehending today's newest gizmos and gadgets. I can't begin to imagine the changes that centenarians have witnessed! I still chuckle at how a manual transmission can be considered a valuable anti-theft feature in ANY vehicle (Insurance companies should offer premium discounts for these!) I had someone visit my home a couple of months ago whose 12-year-old stared at my antique typewriter wondering where the display was! What used to be complex elements of everyday life are now simply memories. IBM punch cards, computer floppy disks, slide projectors, tape recorders, CRT (Cathode-ray Tube) monitors, and pagers (which gave me hours of entertainment when attached to my cat's collar). I AM glad to see the vinyl record making a slow comeback with serious music enthusiasts! While photography changes like the wind, photos remain a constant reminder of what 'yesteryear' was like - which is why I LOVE what I do!

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