Understanding This Thing We Call 'English'...

Interesting little creature called 'The English language'. As humans - we ALL bear the same taxonomic name 'Homo sapiens' yet there are SO many differences among each sub-population, region and group so that language is a major variable in the entire mix - what we know as 'dialects'. So WHEN do we use an apostrophe? Is it 'there, their or they're'? What about proper versus common nouns? Sadly there are MANY who were born and raised in the U.S. who can't grasp the semantics of their OWN species! Even those who have made a career out of writing often don't realize how meaningless their words might appear to someone like myself who tends to be a LITTLE 'over-analytical' at times!

Slang and cliches have dominated our language for the past few decades to a point where keeping up with them is not exactly a 'bed of roses', though their meaning is a 'dead ringer'! Anyone who tries to learn our language definitely has a 'fate worse than death' in learning the magic behind assembling the correct nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. into comprehensible communication though hardly appears 'just another fish in the sea' to the rest of us. Even photography has wagged its tail with similar cliches such as 'watch the birdie' and 'say CHEESE'! Maybe there IS no 'birdie' and even if there was, maybe it's a morbid vulture that NOBODY cares to look at! What about 'cheese'? Consider those who are lactose-intolerant! Even spelling of words can be a challenge. Anyone recall "use i before e except after c or when sounding like A, as in neighbor or weigh." What about the word 'protein'? Would someone care to take a stab at THAT?

We often see it on movies as well! If you haven't seen 'The Princess Bride' or '2010 - The Year We Make Contact', they hold quite humorous examples. Is it ANY wonder why many who wish to move to America insist upon retaining their native language? However, from a practical standpoint it merely comes down to getting one's message across to another, though there will ALWAYS be a 'Press 1 for English'...

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