Photography's Evolution...

Many of us might recall the days of driving to a camera store, a Wal-Mart or even a photo kiosk (remember Fox Photo? I do!!) and dropping off those rolls of film to be developed and waiting a few days before getting them back, only to find that most turned out fuzzy or blacked out altogether. How about planning a vacation and buying ten or more rolls of film so that when you finally got your photo album finished, it ended up costing you well over a hundred dollars?

The digital age has definitely made our photos superior as well as easier! No longer do I have to tote a large bag with four lenses and ten rolls of film that would only give me 360 pictures at best! With my DSLR I can easily pack over 5000 images into a single SDRAM chip and just 'shoot away'! THEN there's all the creative editing you can do with them on your PC or your SmartPhone - a little tool that I STILL consider to be the best invention ever! There are good and bad points to new technology. what are YOUR opinions?

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