What the...??

At first glance someone untrained in the ornithological sciences might consider this tree as virus-ridden, which it was - by woodpeckers!
The Unusual Can Be An Ideal Subject

Growing up in Texas I haven't had much exposure to woodpeckers except for cartoon characters, so I found this shot quite intriguing. After living in West Virginia for a few months and studying its wildlife, I became quite the 'bird nerd' as our backyard was haven for the little "feathery ingrates' that would wipe out an entire bird-feeder in half a day. Aside from the ospreys, owls and hawks that would always catch my attention, it was the familiar tapping sounds that echoed throughout the wooded area that kept me looking for several minutes before spotting them circling the girth of a tree in search of the perfect bug! Such behavior is noticeable in this image illustrating a linear mirage of 'bullet holes' in this tree's outer bark layer. Leave it to Mother Nature to keep us in constant splendor in what we continue to wonder over every day!

Out of you wildlife enthusiasts, who else is a 'wing nut'?