Downfalls Of A Smartphone Upgrade

It's like buying a #&@! house!!

My wife and I decided that it was time to not only upgrade our smartphones, but update our calling plans as well - an endeavor that usually requires having a drug-dealer on speed-dial! Most all of you KNOW what I'm talking about. Only Corporate America could take a process as simple as the purchase of a wireless device combined with a network connection plan and make a shell game out of it. It's a PHONE people - NOT a freakin' $200K house! Unfortunately our experience was even MORE entertaining as this torture that 'requires an act of congress' happened during our illustrious government shut-down. Okay... perhaps I'm still slightly agitated. After six hours on said smartphone talking with three separate reps at Sprint, consuming a fifth of scotch and adding a few addenda to my personal dictionary of obscenities, we got the dirty deed done without needing to put out a hit on anyone. NOW I have to wait two or three billing cycles to see if the monthly rate I was ensured actually bears truth!

After extensive research I decided to go with the Samsung Galaxy S9 for two main reasons. First of all, I find Android phones FAR more PC-friendly and don't rely upon iTunes to integrate our data with our previous iPhones - a MAJOR iSore! I can simply attach it to my PC and everything on the phone appears in separate folders to and from which I can save my music, files and contacts without requiring ten years of computer programming experience. I also use my smartphone OFTEN for photos as I don't always carry my SLR with me but as most of us, my phone never leaves my side so I'm always ready for a good photo opportunity. I'm not into 'selfies' but I find the optics to be sharper and more accommodating for low-light conditions and its 64GB storage perfect for even long videos. Hopefully we made the right choice!

Feel free to share your personal wireless phone nightmares!

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