Nibbles From Odontus Dolphin...

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

An upward look from a twentieth-century iron kiln in West Virginia
'Light From Above'

Life has three perspectives. A 'First-person' outlook describing the world from our own viewpoint with 'second and third-person' aspects describing events from a by-stander's view. Much can be said about photography which takes on a multitude of perspectives. Our society has this same structure when it comes to how we view the world around us. One can look up wondering what's happening in their environment, OR take the initiative not only to discover it for themselves but pass along what they've learned.

How do you describe yourself? Do you allow yourself to be 'spoon-fed' the news of your world without question, or are you the type to 'climb out of the hole' and discover more about what makes society what it is?