Are the holidays FINALLY over?

At first glance someone untrained in the ornithological sciences might consider this tree as virus-ridden, which it was - by woodpeckers!
"FINALLY! I can get back to LIFE!!"

We ALL begin worrying about the holidays LONG before we celebrate them! Gifts to buy, decorations to put up and scheduling family get-togethers, all-the-while dismissing thoughts of the bills that lurk somewhere in the depths of January waiting to pounce! I personally enjoy the decorating part (my therapist says this is perfectly normal!), but RELISH the day after New Year's when I can get my house back in order. The world once again begins to turn and we can get back to a daily routine once again.

NOW - much like our personal lives - business can get back to normal as well. With so many photos to enhance and website changes to make, I know MY January will be a great 'mental workout'. Anyone else going to have this much fun as well?