ANYONE can be a photographer...

Kansas City Chiefs' Tyreek Hill celebrates a TD by taking on a new career as cameraman

In a knockout game against the Arizona Cardinals on November 11th, Chiefs' wide receiver Tyreek Hill flexed more than his reception abilities by adding 'Cameraman' to his resume as he ran to the end zone stands and jumped over the wall at Arrowhead Stadium.

Read more here: A unique celebratory moment earned the player a penalty flag which he himself caught on camera yet Kansas City went on to win the game 26-14.

It's a good example of how 'being in the right place at the right time' can get an unforgettable image no matter how much expertise one has behind a camera. Most of us in our society have a Smartphone with outstanding photo and video capabilities and as we've seen in media news where the most amazing footage is caught by the least experienced! How many of you have been in Tyreek's shoes?