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Aerial Drone Photography and Videography

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April through June

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Aerial imagery

  • From altitudes up to 400 feet, we can show you things you can't see from the ground such community features such as schools, churches, stores, and others.

  • Aerial imagery taken with drones can capture images without being obstructed by trees, buildings, or other obstacles.

  • Capture events from overhead such as parades, carnivals, marathons, and more.

  • Have a construction project (building a home or clearing land)?  Monitor your progress with weekly or monthly aerial images.

  • Assess roof damages from those nasty Texas hail storms.

Did you know...

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your session experience...

The NAR surveyed that realtors who hire a professional photographer for their listings earn twice as much commission compared to those that don't...
...and it's our goal to make sure this happens!

Your schedule is our schedule:
After discussing all details with you, we research your property online to determine the best time of day to shoot your session using the sun's natural light.  We guarantee to arrive within 30 minutes of your appointment and then do a walk-through of your home's interior/exterior with you to ensure the best shots possible.  Once we're done, we show you the images we took and if changes need to be made, we can do it then and there.

Your satisfaction is our satisfaction:
Back at our lab, we edit your selected images including cropping, color/light correction, vertical correction, and focal adjustment to name a few.  Once completed, your images are uploaded to our Nikon cloud storage where you'll be given a link to access them (which can be shared with friends and family).  They will remain available for 30 days after which we will archive them.  As always, feel free to contact us with any questions at any time!
Ryan Wood - Co-owner Odontus Creations Photography
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